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Writing your Legacy? Start here!

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Ready to start writing your legacy? Here are a few tips for inspiration!

1) Look around your house and pick out 2-3 objects that have special meaning to you. Write (or record) their stories.

2) Think about your life as a "hero's journey" - when have you stepped off the beaten path, or into the unknown? What did you learn? Have you shared that learning with others?

3) Bring to mind an image of your favorite place at some point in the future (20 years...50 years...100 years...?) Imagine how your life has left an impression on this future world. What is important to you about this image?

Check out these resources for more ideas on capturing your legacy through stories!

Storyworth - weekly triggers to inspire your stories

Writing Your Legacy -- Richard Campbell and Cheryl Svensson

The Hero's Journey -- Joseph Campbell

Celebration Videos -- Bill Erwin (local videographer in Durham, NC)

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