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Q&A: How can I help my Dad write down his stories?

Question: I want to help my Dad capture his stories while we still have time, but he's not a writer. Do you have recommendations for how to get him started?

Answer: Sure! If you're looking for ways to inspire a loved one to start capturing their stories, here are a couple of tricks:

  1. Use a voice-recorder to capture the stories (a phone app will work). Sometimes it is easier to speak rather than write down a story.

  2. Use the surroundings: walk around the house, letting objects spur the memories.

  3. Use story "prompts", like a list of questions you have put together or one like this from StoryCorps.

  4. Use a prompting service like Storyworth which automatically sends a question to their email box every week, sends you a notification, and stores their responses for you!

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